Meyer Affiliates

Meyer affiliates around the world include a number of cookware manufacturing facilities, distributors, and traders throughout Asia and Europe. Taken together, Meyer affiliate factories comprise the world’s second largest cookware manufacturing operation, producing over 100 cookware lines distributed in over 30 countries. The factories employ more than 6,400 people, manufacturing more than 42 million pans per year on average. Additional brands marketed and distributed beyond the United States include Prestige (Europe), Raco and Essteele (Australia), Fujimaru (Japan), and Meyer (Canada). Meyer affiliates also distribute in the United Kingdom and Ireland, Japan, Canada, Australia, and EMEA.

Hestan is the award-winning culinary brand renowned for creating the market's most advanced, powerful and versatile commercial kitchen equipment, premium outdoor grills and purpose-built indoor appliances. Founded by culinary icons Stanley Cheng and Eric Deng, and backed by some of the industry's most inventive and forward-thinking chefs and engineers, Hestan is forging new ground with visionary technologies and products. Headquartered in the heart of Southern California in an over 190,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility that includes a showroom, test kitchen and innovation lab, Hestan is led by a collaborative team of industry mavericks who bring together over 200 years of combined experience to create thoughtfully designed products that respond intelligently to the needs of the end user. Equipping the kitchens of acclaimed restaurateurs and Michelin-starred chefs such as Thomas Keller, as well as the legendary Culinary Institute of America, Hestan is setting the pace of the culinary evolution with products that provide the confidence and comfort of the highest-quality materials and top craftsmanship.

Hestan Commercial

Hestan Commercial collaborates with world-renowned chefs like Thomas Keller to create products that not only keep pace with culinary evolution, but stay ahead of it. Bringing the most advanced equipment to the market, Hestan has reinvented the commercial kitchen with a line of premium products including freestanding ranges, custom island suites, countertop equipment, convection ovens, griddles, charbroilers, French tops, hot tops, planchas, salamanders, cheesemelters, fryers, pasta cookers and refrigerated bases.

Hestan Outdoor

When Hestan's engineers and designers began sketching out what would become the first Hestan grill, their intent was not just to build a new grill, but to create an entirely new level of performance for grilling. Unveiling the Hestan Outdoor product line at the HPBExpo (Hearth, Patio & Barbeque Expo) in March 2016, the buzz was immediate, with the acclaim continuing in the form of enthusiastic reviews and features in Food & Wine, Consumer Reports, Robb Report, Architectural Design, Hearth & Home and Casual Living. From the award-winning Horizon Hood™ to the laser-cut DiamondCut™ stainless steel grates, every detail of every grill is a point of personal pride for Hestan's welders, fabricators and polishers. Available in 12 exclusive colors and built with incredible power and total control, Hestan grills are built for the grilling enthusiast who expects the best.

Aspire by Hestan

Following the success of Hestan Outdoor, Aspire by Hestan, the affordable luxury line of high-performance outdoor products, was launched at the Hearth, Patio & Barbeque Expo in 2017. Every Aspire grill is proudly built in California from superior-grade steel and dialed in with precision power. Aspire is an oasis – a complete outdoor kitchen finely-tuned to tune out the real world. High-performance burners. Precision control. Heavy-duty construction. And cold refreshment always at the ready. Aspire by Hestantakes the stress out of grilling, so you can enjoy the party.

Hestan Indoor

Hestan’s line of durable, reliable and intelligent Indoor residential kitchen equipment and complementary products bring new appreciation and a new level of precision to the heart of the home. Hestan Indoor products descended directly from the innovative achievements of its Commercial line, featured in Michelin-starred restaurants and used by top chefs. Both aesthetic and technological elements stem directly from appliances used to craft some of the most exquisite meals in the country. Searing culinary power with a sealed burner system delivers exceptional temperature control for up to 30,000 BTUs with the patent-pending CircuFlame™ center power burner, while the unique MarquiseDisplay™ offers a chef-friendly digital display – conveniently inset right in the oven handles.

Bringing discerning home chefs the same thoughtful innovation and reliable performance that reflects the genuine culinary heritage that is Hestan, the residential indoor line fulfills every whim and necessity, with products including ranges, rangetops, cooktops, wall ovens, dishwashers, ventilation, refrigeration and more.